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Panduan memilih ROM yg sesuai selera

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Guide To Roms Xperia X8
There are many good Roms for our Xperia x8 in xda, But it is hard to determine which one is right for you,, when i first started i faced a lot of problems deciding on which rom to use,, eventually i found out that it depends on the user on what he wants in his rom and chose the appropriate rom accordingly, SO i am going to include all the roms i have used and give detailed information , so you can choose according to your needs

1. Froyobread : This Rom is a great choice for beginners, its stable and fast. it's core cm6. Android 2.2, a great upgrade if you are still using the 2.1 stock eclair this is the best upgrade,, many hail this as the best stable ROM there is, its full of features, it delivers smooth performance, and i have found it to be very stable. so if your new just use this, you will be satisfied

Pros : Still considered the most stable Rom, Fast and Smooth Performance, Good app Performance, android 2.2 has greater app support, most features work without any problems, little or no bugs, one of the most famous rom so if you have any problem lot of people out there to help you

Cons: Android 2.2 has become old many people prefer Android 2.3 over it. Not as Smooth as gdx when it comes to scrooling, according to some people Wifi does not work(it worked for me though)

2.Hackdroid: A decent rom, flashy and stylish, sometimes laggy. but overall a very good room. great for starters, however many people stated this one to be a little unstable , but it really depends on what apps you run if you are looking for a good looking rom with visual features this one is a pretty good choice

Pros: Very Customizable, Decent Performance, Stable if you stick to normal apps, Has more features than most Roms

Cons: A little Laggy, Sometimes Unstable, Many people have Reported bugs in this rom. Other Roms Offer Superior Performance

3.KuyaDroid: This one is an awesome rom, solid and stable, fast performance smooth menu and everything is decent. Its a good rom if your into gaming as it has built in Overclock, Undervolt, and gesture.(note these features can be manually added on other roms too). One more noticable thing about this rom is that it's core is cm7, and android version 2.3( a big update from the stock 2.1)

Pros: Very fast app performance, Smooth Scrooling, Android 2.3, Wide Range of Users so you will easily find solutions if you face any problems, Overall Solid CM7 Rom.

Cons: Lacks Features that are available on Gingerdx, Some Reported Bugs, some apps force closes

4.GingerDX: This is A cm6 - cm7 update of the Famous Froyobread, So far its fast and stable although a few bugs have been reported but its one of the most stable and working cm7 , android 2.3 roms around. its definitely worth a try if you want a fast and smooth working rom. also it has some pretty good features more than most roms out there to exact. Many people state this is the best Cm7 rom out there

Pros: Smoothest CM7 Rom i have used, Full of features, Customizable, Most apps work without any problem, Regularly Updater, Wide range of users so you will easily find solutions if you do face any problem, Upgraded Camera

Cons: People claim it to be not as Stable as Froyobread, Some minor bugs still needs to be fixed, Some features and still needs to be more polished and stable

5.BehradGH: this one is a light and simple rom, not a bad choice for newbies but it does not have as much customizable features as the other roms, its a good rom for starters,, so if your looking for a simple rom and an upgrade from your stock rom you should try this one

Pros: Light Rom, Good for Average Daily apps, Simple rom without complications. Simple Upgrade from the Stock Rom

Cons: Powerful Games Such As Nova, MC Sandstorm often Force closes, Some Reported Bugs, A little unstable while Performing Certain Operations

6.GingerCruzt: Just tested this Rom Recently , And boy was i surprised , good performance and good looks, which is something very hard to get in one rom. in some cases better than GDX, but not as stable when running apps, but for normal daily use this one beats most of the roms out there. also it has a very similar look to the stock android. so if your into stock looks, try this out. also its android 2.3 /Cm7.

Pros: New and fresh, Decent Performance and Features, Not bad for daily use, most apps work without problem, Android 2.3

Cons: The Creator of the Rom is not really Co operative since he is not really active on XDA, Minor bugs, Is not updated as regularly as other Roms, Lacks advanced Features that available on other Cm7 Roms

7.Krauser-SROM: Recently Tested this Rom, this uses a lot of Froyobreads Features, Its fast and stable , not a bad choice if you want try something other than those famous roms, i found it to be really decent rom. Not bad for daily normal usage

Pros: Simple Lightweight Rom, Most apps work, Stable and Smooth

Cons: Some FC on apps, Community of its users is not as big as Froyobread, Android 2.2, Doesn't have much features as some of the other roms

8.GingerXperia: Its new and its great! this rom is pretty good, and i actually find it to be even faster than gdx,Yes it lacks the features which gdx offers but if you can make do without those advanced features this is the rom for you, its also reported to be stable and smooth , its bugfree though but hopefully it will be fixed on future updates

Pros: Very fast, Simple Rom, Light weight, Good app performance, Stable Rom

Cons: Lacks many Features, some bugs, scrooling can be improved, New so the community is still small

9.Fd xperience: One of the better new roms, it has a stock look which is sure to attract many people, if you want to upgrade but do not want tolose your stock looks and yet have a stable upgraded rom this is the rom for you, its smooth and fast better than most roms out there, But it has some bugs and support issues, and i got some fc when playing games on it , other than that its very stable and fast

Pros:Fast,Stock look, Stock apps, good app performance, Smooth scroolimg

Cons: Not as stable when playing games like NFS SHIFT, SANDSTORM ETC, Lacks in features, Contacts menu Sometimes lags, its new and has a very little community using it

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