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About the launcher:
360 Launcher:
  1. Clean
  2. Fast
  3. Extremely Smooth <<< You won't find another launcher which is as smooth as this. Don't trust me? Try it out!
  4. Extremely Clear
  5. Beautiful
  6. Just Amazing

This is a combination of QQ Launcher and MXHome. It has a lot of features such as some free downloadable theme, animation, etc. If you love ADW, you will love it even much. Want to know more about it? Head to this site.

(based on Beta 1.1.1)
  1. Download theme from its site
  2. Download wallpaper from its site
  3. Quick launcher widget (power widget)
  4. Built in clock widget
  5. Built in power saving widget (more setting requires 360 Battery Guard)
  6. Folder in Home screen
  7. Folder in Launcher
  8. Unlimited apps in a Folder
  9. Built in lock screeen
  10. Icon translation animation in Home screen
  11. Icon translation animation in App Drawer
  12. Hide application
  13. Hide application
  14. Drawer and charts has iPhone remove jitter effect


(attachment below)

Latest version

Launcher_360_EN_Beta1.1.1_Update_1.apk (attachment below)

BETA 1.0
Launcher 360 Initial release - 14th November 2011
-Everything works except weather

Launcher 360 update 1 - 15th November 2011
-fixed a extra chinese word
(Weather is still not fixed yet as it is still in beta stages.)

Launcher 360 Beta 1.0 Update 1 with Samsung TouchWiz heme moded by yken available here

BETA 1.1
Launcher 360 - 22th November 2011
-It has it's own lockscreen!
(NOTE: MAY NOT WORK! Make sure you set 360 Launcher as the default launcher to get this work.
-Icon backgrounds can be added.
-New weather widget (Not recommended to use it as the time is really overlap each other. It will not overlap in Chinese as the word is short)
-Unlimited app in a folder
-Power saving widget is added (more profile required 360 Battery Guards (Translated).)
-Actually new weather has a lot more features. e.g. Chinese festival, lunar calendar etc. unfortunately, after being translated, every text including date is over lapped
-Weather is still not fixed yet.

Launcher 360 Update 1 - 23th November 2011
-Clock widget is fixed (removed those unwanted words).
-Weather widget word is removed (it will show only the green picture).
-Switches Align in switches in Home screen is fixed.
-Icon Background has been changed to Icon BG due to insufficient space.
-Translated those 2 pictures I missed

BETA 1.1.1
Launcher 360 - 5th December 2011
-Drawer supports iPhone remove jitter effect.
-Flashlight widget will enable LED light.
-Repaired lock-screen (beta version) to unlock the problem in some models.
-Weather is still not fixed yet.

Launcher 360 Update 1 - 5th December 2011
-Add missing translation image.
-Change those words in menu so that it wont show "aaaa aaaa..." (the dot).
-Weather is still not fixed yet (suggestion already given to the development team)
NOTE: Weather only work in China area, it won't work outsite China. I've deleted the "weather not found" in the green box so it won't keep showing annoying words.

Press the "Theme" to go to the post with screenshots and links

10 Original theme provided by the launcher. Since so many people complain about the slow download speed and takes years to download, here are 10 of the theme provided by the launcher.

  1. Android 4.0 <<< Press the the name of the theme to download the selected theme.
  2. Electronics
  3. Halloween
  4. HTC Sense
  5. Jeans <<< Corrected
  6. Love
  7. Metal
  8. Olden Toy Horse
  9. Windows 7
  10. Wood
**More theme coming soon!

Miui Theme by 360 provided by peexl available here or post here
Signa Theme by 360 provided by peexl available here or post here

New theme by acubens available here or post here
New theme by acubens available here or post here
Qosmio by acubens available here or post here

i2Theme by peexl available here or post here

Thanks for contributing!

Want to suggest anything to the developer company of this launcher? Leave me a comment and I will try my best to post it in the 360 forum OR you may visit the forum yourself, 360 Forum.


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