Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to Install Cyanogenmod 7.1 from Stock 2.1

The steps is quite simple.

Step 1.
Download the following tools:

  1. Cyanogen Mod 7.1 for Xperia X8 (code named Shakira)
  2. FlashTool
  3. FXP030 kernel (2.6.29)

Step 2.
Step 2.1
Follow the guide located here to unlock your bootloader, do this before continuing with the rest of this guide it is important to have your stock firmware rooted for this step.
Step 2.2
Unzip flashtool to its own folder e.g. /Flashtool/.
Unzip FXP030 kernel to the Flashtool/firmwares/ folder - the directory should look like this:

Step 3.
Step 3.1
Open Flashtool and click on the 'Flash' button, select the FXP firmware from the list on the left hand side and click OK.

Step 3.2
Follow the on screen instructions.

Step 4.
Copy the update-cm-7.1.0-X8-signed.zip to the root of your MicroSD Card as shown below. (Please note that you can do this using a MicroSD Card reader OR your USB cable.

If you do not have a card reader then switch your phone on after flashing the FXP kernel and when you see the FreeXperia logo, repeatedly press the Back button until CWM loads. Once CWM has loaded scroll down to the Mounts and Storage menu. Once on the mounts and Storage menu scoll down to mount USB Storage and copy the update-cm-7.1.0-X8-signed.zip file to the root of the SD card.

Step 5.
Load CWM via the method described in Step 4 and select 'Install Zip from SD card.' then select 'Choose Zip from sdcard' and select the update-cm-7.1.0-X8-signed.zip that you copied over to the root of the SDCard in the previous step, Select the yes option using the volume buttons and let CWM work its witchcraft.

Step 6.
Go back to the main menu of CWM and select 'wipe data/factory reset'.
Next from the main menu of CWM select 'wipe cache partition'.
Finally from the main menu of CWM select 'Advanced' and 'wipe dalvik cache.

If you want the google apps installed you can download them here. To install them perform Step 4 through to Step 5 and instead of copying 'update-cm-7.1.0-X8-signed.zip' to the root of your sdcard, copy gapps-gb-20110613-signed.zip instead. All instructions in Step 4 and Step 5 that state you should use 'update-cm-7.1.0-X8-signed.zip' should use the file 'gapps-gb-20110613-signed.zip' instead.

I'm having issues with the networking with this custom firmware, specifically the network (3G or WiFi) seems to 'drop' after any amount of small usage. If I use a Browser or the Market place for a short amount of time, they simply end up unable to load any pages whilst android reports that wifi/3g signal strengths are full. I tested the connectivity using ping commands from terminal and pings are succesfull. I'm unsure where the issue lies. I suspect however the issue is in the FXP Kernel, some people have reported using FXP 028 Kernel resolves the issues but I've been unable to find them.

Anyway I hope this helps people who are confused as to how to install this.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

How to fix a Hardbricked X8

I have worked out how to fix a hardbricked X8 WITHOUT using PC Companion or Flashtool. You can even use it if xRecovery doesn't work!

  • First, Download the executable here
  • Install on a Windows PC
  • Once installed, Update Service should start automatically. If not, find it in the Start menu.
  • Find the X8 from the list
  • It will ask you to connect your phone by taking out the battery, waiting 5 seconds before putting the battery back in again, then pressing and holding the Back button while inserting the MicroUSB cable into the X8
  • Release the back button when told to do so
  • Update Service will download the latest ROM, then flash it to your phone
  • Unplug your phone, then turn it on and it is guaranteed to work if you follow the instructions step by step

Saturday, December 17, 2011

free download adobe flash player for android special apk direct download

Android Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player for Androids

This is apk a apk file.

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Download UpLoad.to:

Download UploadStation:

Download FileSonic:

Monday, December 12, 2011

[DEV] Building CM from scratch (the easy way)! - *nix Shell Script

his will Allow you to build CM7-Nightlies or "Kangs" at any time you please.

It's a bash/sh script for automation, as simple as a double click.

it's downloading and installing all files/repos/sdk/adb/fastboot and compiles. (If you already have some of this installed, it prompts before installing)


Please test it, and report bugs here (files attached)
No donations wanted, just click that THANKS button

Github: https://github.com/nicandris/CM-from-scratch


new build.sh menu

just unzip on ubuntu/linux and run ./douchebuild.sh
if ./douchebuild.sh is not recognized as an executable, just
sudo chmod 775 douchebuild.sh

You will be asked for sudo pass (since you edit repos and add adb in bin) and some info for git.

after completing you can always create a fresh build from the Desktop shortcut build.sh

ofcourse i don't take any credits for cm, all credit goes to cyanogen and teamdouche. the script is just a shell compilation of the cm wiki.


Attached Files
File Type: zip androidmake_2.5.1.zip - [Click for QR Code] (9.0 KB, 211 views)
File Type: zip androidmake_2.5.2.zip - [Click for QR Code] (9.1 KB, 764 views)
File Type: zip androidmake_2.5.3.zip - [Click for QR Code] (9.1 KB, 169 views)
About the launcher:
360 Launcher:
  1. Clean
  2. Fast
  3. Extremely Smooth <<< You won't find another launcher which is as smooth as this. Don't trust me? Try it out!
  4. Extremely Clear
  5. Beautiful
  6. Just Amazing

This is a combination of QQ Launcher and MXHome. It has a lot of features such as some free downloadable theme, animation, etc. If you love ADW, you will love it even much. Want to know more about it? Head to this site.

(based on Beta 1.1.1)
  1. Download theme from its site
  2. Download wallpaper from its site
  3. Quick launcher widget (power widget)
  4. Built in clock widget
  5. Built in power saving widget (more setting requires 360 Battery Guard)
  6. Folder in Home screen
  7. Folder in Launcher
  8. Unlimited apps in a Folder
  9. Built in lock screeen
  10. Icon translation animation in Home screen
  11. Icon translation animation in App Drawer
  12. Hide application
  13. Hide application
  14. Drawer and charts has iPhone remove jitter effect


(attachment below)

Latest version

Launcher_360_EN_Beta1.1.1_Update_1.apk (attachment below)

BETA 1.0
Launcher 360 Initial release - 14th November 2011
-Everything works except weather

Launcher 360 update 1 - 15th November 2011
-fixed a extra chinese word
(Weather is still not fixed yet as it is still in beta stages.)

Launcher 360 Beta 1.0 Update 1 with Samsung TouchWiz heme moded by yken available here

BETA 1.1
Launcher 360 - 22th November 2011
-It has it's own lockscreen!
(NOTE: MAY NOT WORK! Make sure you set 360 Launcher as the default launcher to get this work.
-Icon backgrounds can be added.
-New weather widget (Not recommended to use it as the time is really overlap each other. It will not overlap in Chinese as the word is short)
-Unlimited app in a folder
-Power saving widget is added (more profile required 360 Battery Guards (Translated).)
-Actually new weather has a lot more features. e.g. Chinese festival, lunar calendar etc. unfortunately, after being translated, every text including date is over lapped
-Weather is still not fixed yet.

Launcher 360 Update 1 - 23th November 2011
-Clock widget is fixed (removed those unwanted words).
-Weather widget word is removed (it will show only the green picture).
-Switches Align in switches in Home screen is fixed.
-Icon Background has been changed to Icon BG due to insufficient space.
-Translated those 2 pictures I missed

BETA 1.1.1
Launcher 360 - 5th December 2011
-Drawer supports iPhone remove jitter effect.
-Flashlight widget will enable LED light.
-Repaired lock-screen (beta version) to unlock the problem in some models.
-Weather is still not fixed yet.

Launcher 360 Update 1 - 5th December 2011
-Add missing translation image.
-Change those words in menu so that it wont show "aaaa aaaa..." (the dot).
-Weather is still not fixed yet (suggestion already given to the development team)
NOTE: Weather only work in China area, it won't work outsite China. I've deleted the "weather not found" in the green box so it won't keep showing annoying words.

Press the "Theme" to go to the post with screenshots and links

10 Original theme provided by the launcher. Since so many people complain about the slow download speed and takes years to download, here are 10 of the theme provided by the launcher.

  1. Android 4.0 <<< Press the the name of the theme to download the selected theme.
  2. Electronics
  3. Halloween
  4. HTC Sense
  5. Jeans <<< Corrected
  6. Love
  7. Metal
  8. Olden Toy Horse
  9. Windows 7
  10. Wood
**More theme coming soon!

Miui Theme by 360 provided by peexl available here or post here
Signa Theme by 360 provided by peexl available here or post here

New theme by acubens available here or post here
New theme by acubens available here or post here
Qosmio by acubens available here or post here

i2Theme by peexl available here or post here

Thanks for contributing!

Want to suggest anything to the developer company of this launcher? Leave me a comment and I will try my best to post it in the 360 forum OR you may visit the forum yourself, 360 Forum.


From Melvinchng
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name: New folder.jpg
Views: 13456
Size: 94.7 KB
ID: 792057  
Attached Files
File Type: apk Launcher_360_EN_Update_1.apk - [Click for QR Code] (1.90 MB, 5823 views)
File Type: apk Launcher_360_EN_Beta1.1_Update_1.apk - [Click for QR Code] (2.47 MB, 5216 views)
File Type: apk Launcher_360_EN_Beta1.1.1_Update_1.apk - [Click for QR Code] (2.49 MB, 3302 views)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Android Graphic rendering true facts

How about some Android graphics true facts?

I get tired of seeing so much misinformation posted and repeated all over the place about how graphics rendering works on Android. Here is some truth:

• Android has always used some hardware accelerated drawing. Since before 1.0 all window compositing to the display has been done with hardware.

• This means that many of the animations you see have always been hardware accelerated: menus being shown, sliding the notification shade, transitions between activities, pop-ups and dialogs showing and hiding, etc.

• Android did historically use software to render the contents of each window. For example in a UI like http://www.simplemobilereview.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/2-home-menu.png there are four windows: the status bar, the wallpaper, the launcher on top of the wallpaper, and the menu. If one of the windows updates its contents, such as highlighting a menu item, then (prior to 3.0) software is used to draw the new contents of that window; however none of the other windows are redrawn at all, and the re-composition of the windows is done in hardware. Likewise, any movement of the windows such as the menu going up and down is all hardware rendering.

• Looking at drawing inside of a window, you don’t necessarily need to do this in hardware to achieve full 60fps rendering. This depends very much on the number of pixels in your display and the speed of your CPU. For example, Nexus S has no trouble doing 60fps rendering of all the normal stuff you see in the Android UI like scrolling lists on its 800x480 screen. The original Droid however struggled with a similar screen resolution.

• "Full" hardware accelerated drawing within a window was added in Android 3.0. The implementation in Android 4.0 is not any more full than in 3.0. Starting with 3.0, if you set the flag in your app saying that hardware accelerated drawing is allowed, then all drawing to the application’s windows will be done with the GPU. The main change in this regard in Android 4.0 is that now apps that are explicitly targeting 4.0 or higher will have acceleration enabled by default rather than having to put android:handwareAccelerated="true" in their manifest. (And the reason this isn’t just turned on for all existing applications is that some types of drawing operations can’t be supported well in hardware and it also impacts the behavior when an application asks to have a part of its UI updated. Forcing hardware accelerated drawing upon existing apps will break a significant number of them, from subtly to significantly.)

• Hardware accelerated drawing is not all full of win. For example on the PVR drivers of devices like the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, simply starting to use OpenGL in a process eats about 8MB of RAM. Given that our process overhead is about 2MB, this is pretty huge. That RAM takes away from other things, such as the number of background processes that can be kept running, potentially slowing down things like app switching.

• Because of the overhead of OpenGL, one may very well not want to use it for drawing. For example some of the work we are doing to make Android 4.0 run well on the Nexus S has involved turning off hardware accelerated drawing in parts of the UI so we don’t lose 8MB of RAM in the system process, another 8MB in the phone process, another 8MB in the system UI process, etc. Trust me, you won’t notice -- there is just no benefit on that device in using OpenGL to draw something like the status bar, even with fancy animations going on in there.

• Hardware accelerated drawing is not a magical silver bullet to butter-smooth UI. There are many different efforts that have been going on towards this, such as improved scheduling of foreground vs. background threads in 1.6, rewriting the input system in 2.3, strict mode, concurrent garbage collection, loaders, etc. If you want to achieve 60fps, you have 20 milliseconds to handle each frame. This is not a lot of time. Just touching the flash storage system in the thread that is running the UI can in some cases introduce a delay that puts you out of that timing window, especially if you are writing to storage.

• A recent example of the kinds of interesting things that impact UI smoothness: we noticed that ICS on Nexus S was actually less smooth when scrolling through lists than it was on Gingerbread. It turned out that the reason for this was due to subtle changes in timing, so that sometimes in ICS as the app was retrieving touch events and drawing the screen, it would go to get the next event slightly before it was ready, causing it to visibly miss a frame while tracking the finger even though it was drawing the screen at a solid 60fps.

• When people have historically compared web browser scrolling between Android and iOS, most of the differences they are seeing are not due to hardware accelerated drawing. Originally Android went a different route for its web page rendering and made different compromises: the web page is turned in to a display list, which is continually rendered to the screen, instead of using tiles. This has the benefit that scrolling and zooming never have artifacts of tiles that haven’t yet been drawn. Its downside is that as the graphics on the web page get more complicated to draw the frame rate goes down. As of Android 3.0, the browser now uses tiles, so it can maintain a consistent frame rate as you scroll or zoom, with the negative of having artifacts when newly needed tiles can’t be rendered quickly enough. The tiles themselves are rendered in software, which I believe is the case for iOS as well. (And this tile-based approach could be used prior to 3.0 without hardware accelerated drawing; as mentioned previously, the Nexus S CPU can easily draw the tiles to the window at 60fps.)

• Hardware accleration does not magically make drawing performance problems disappear. There is still a limit to how much the GPU can do. A recent interesting example of this is tablets built with Tegra 2 -- that GPU can touch every pixel of a 1280x800 screen about 2.5 times at 60fps. Now consider the Android 3.0 tablet home screen where you are switching to the all apps list: you need to draw the background (1x all pixels), then the layer of shortcuts and widgets (let’s be nice and say this is .5x all pixels), then the black background of all apps (1x all pixels), and the icons and labels of all apps (.5x all pixels). We’ve already blown our per-pixel budget, and we haven’t even composited the separate windows to the final display yet. To get 60fps animation, Android 3.0 and later use a number of tricks. A big one is that it tries to put all windows into overlays instead of having to copy them to the framebuffer with the GPU. In the case here even with that we are still over-budget, but we have another trick: because the wallpaper on Android is in a separate window, we can make this window larger than the screen to hold the entire bitmap. Now, as you scroll, the movement of the background doesn’t require any drawing, just moving its window... and because this window is in an overlay, it doesn’t even need to be composited to the screen with the GPU.

• As device screen resolution goes up, achieving a 60fps UI is closely related to GPU speed and especially the GPU’s memory bus bandwidth. In fact, if you want to get an idea of the performance of a piece of hardware, always pay close attention to the memory bus bandwidth. There are plenty of times where the CPU (especially with those wonderful NEON instructions) can go a lot faster than the memory bus.

Steve kondik

Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to Maximize Battery Life in android device

Power Control Widget is an useful widget on managing power use. (picture below)

Turn Wi-fi and Bluetooth off when not in use.
(Power Control Widget ...OR... Settings > Wireless and Networks)

Disable Wireless Network Positioning.
(Settings > Location)
Disable GPS Satellites.
(Power Control Widget ...OR... Settings > Location)

Manual Brightness: Lowest (0)
Auto-rotate screen: Off
Animation: No animation
Screen Time-out: 30secs or less.
(Power Control Widget ...OR... Settings > Screen & display)
For even lower brightness, set dim level to 10 or below
(CM Settings > Display > Automatic Backlight > Screen Dim Level)

Wallpaper and Widgets
Use static background instead of live wallpapers.
Darker wallpapers are recommended for AMOLED screen.
Use less active widgets (high refresh rate)
(Long press Home Screen)

Turn off Data Transfer (network internet connection) when not in use.
Turn on Airplane Mode when sleeping.
(Power Control Widget ...OR... Settings > Wireless & networks)
Use 2G/GSM Only, not 2G+3G/HSDPA.
(Power Control Widget ...OR... Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks)

Accounts & Sync
Disable background data transfer. (Turn on when using Android Market)
Disable Auto-sync accounts.
(Settings > Accounts and Sync)

Disallow Mock Location.
(Settings > Applications)

Sound & Vibrations
Set vibration only on silent mode.
Disable haptic feedback. (Vibration on UI interaction)
(Power Control Widget ...OR... Settings > Sound)

Language & Keyboard
Disable Keyboard Vibration / Set vibration to 0ms
(Settings > Language & Keyboard)

Rom Modules - Tweaks to your rom. Works for both stock and modded roms.
UnderVolt >> http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1042929
Smartass Governor >> http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1159899
(!) For some CM7 Roms, smartass makes your phone very lag, use ondemand instead.

CPU & Processor
Reduce processor speed (Underclock).
Choose [powersave/conservative/smartass] governors. (!) Affects system speed.
[APP] SetCPU for Root Users
-Set processor speed and governors.

Background and Running Apps
Use task killer ONLY for apps/games u wont use for the next few hours.
Dont leave it in the notification bar, close it together.
(!) If u kill everything, your phone have to re-run the system apps all over again. Thus battery draining.
(!) Do not kill certain system apps and widgets. (They are shown if u select low security)

[APP] Titanium Backup's Freezing function (PAID VERSION)
-Prevent the apps from running without uninstalling them.
-Frozen apps wont be shown in App Drawer and cannot be launched. (You can defrost)
-Safe common system apps to be frozen: (those not listed are not recommended)
Test others for me someone?
  • Market (Market wont work)
  • Gmail (Market wont work)
  • Google Apps (affects Market)
  • Google Search (affects Market)
  • Google Talk
  • FOTAkill
  • Pico TTS (Speech to text wont work)
  • TTS Service (Speech to text wont work)
  • Voice Search (Voice Search wont work)
  • Voice Dialer (Voice Dialer wont work)
(!) Don't freeze apps like Sync, Settings, Package Installer, Messaging and some obviously important apps.

[APP] Autostarts
-Managing apps running automatically in most situations.
-e.g: during startup, after startup, widgets updating...

CyanogenMod Settings (Only available in Cyanogenmod Roms)
-Render Effect - N1 Calibrated
-Overscroll Effect - Disable
(CM Settings > Interface)
-Automatic Backlight Settings - Set Dim Level + Uncheck Allow light decrese
-Screen on/off animation - Disable
(CM Settings > Display)
-Haptic Feedback Tweaks - Disable all
(CM Settings > Input)
-CPU Settings - Adjust accordingly.
(CM Settings > Performance > CPU Settings)
-VM Heap Set to 12, Set to 32 if u playing HD games. (!) Affects performance.
(CM Settings > Performance)

Friday, December 9, 2011

tutorial cara instaall and free download custim rom ICS / ice cream sandwich on hp android device especially xperia x8 link mediafire

Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.1.0 Menjalankan semua Untuk Xperia ™ X8 (CyanogenMod 9.0.1) Oleh XTIPS
Sebelumnya Ane g Tanggung Jwab ama Shakira ane klo ada yang error ato Gmn2..
Disini hanaya share tentang Pemasangan Andro 4.1.0 di X8. Trimakasih yang udah buat ICSnya.. :D.
Pengenalan lebih dulu okeehhh..
Xperia ™ X8 fitur dalam

CM9.0 saham Memberikan Sandwich Es Krim 1.0 Versi terbaru 4.1.0 Kompilasi Minimal jumlah aplikasi yang terinstal (67 aplikasi). Ringan: sampai 100 MB RAM bebas. Favorit saya: Gesture X8 V007, V001 X8Undervolt, X8MDDI V001, sok AX8 Suave. CM6 adalah sebagai halusi seperti 2D (dropdown / lempar ...)kekeke…. Para ™ Xperia termasuk topik Mulai Xperia ™ Asli WEP didukung adhoc Ganda Pemulihan dan reboot untuk xRecovery / CWM CallMeLouder : dering paling keras ketika telepon berada di dalam tas Mendukung 3G-3.7g E15i_3.5 di E15a (Tergantung pada operator selular) Bergerak turun alarm keheningan dan Move Down Meningkatkan keheningan bel Penarikan bekerja WIFI WEP WPA2-PAK g 54Mbps USB 450Mbps. Panggilan hang kembali tombol Termasuk Latar Belakang Es Krim Sandwich Asli Animasi Asli Keyboard untuk Xperia ™ ICS Termasuk Mega Bass dan Bass Kendali Untuk mendengarkan musik dengan bass yang dalam dan renyah Manajer DSP Pemulihan diinstal v5.0 (Tidak xRecovery) Teks dari operator jaringan kustom.Dukungan terintegrasi nada lingkaran tanpa mengedit. Ogg Optimizer ("lunak") bergulir / melemparkan Layar jenis kunci acak Kamera Auto Focus Kamera di FUN Sweep Panorama 3D diinstal Didukung USB untuk transfer 10Mbps (tergantung pada pengaturan pribadi Anda).Bluetooth 3.0. Didukung WiMax. Kamera 3.2 MP. Standar prosesor 710MHZ (122MHZ 148MHz Minimum Maksimum 887MHZ Jika Anda melewatkan tidak stabil) perubahan Terpadu SetCPU kemampuan.Gratis Operator IQ.205MB memori internal yang tersedia. Podraz menginstal aplikasi dalam 3 bagian memori internal 205MB, sistem memori 60MB dan SD.MultiTouch. Antarmuka v4.1.0 v4.1.1 akan Gingerbread dalam antarmuka Sandwich Es Krim (antarmuka Es Krim Sandwich stabil diselesaikan ketidakcocokan). Facebook Datang Untuk Xperia ™ inSSIDer. Termasuk 11 tema Tema Terpilih untuk tidak mengganggu Anda dengan bar gaya yang sama dan topik adalah: A-lite, Dasar Whitehead, GingerBlur, ICS, NTSence, Sesify (Xperia ™ 2011), Sistem, Samsung, Galaxy S | |, XPERIA 2.1, Xperia ™ ARC.

Dikenal Bugs:
 Tidak ada sejauh ini.
Rom ini dalam bahasa Spanyol, tetapi Anda dapat pergi ke pengaturan untuk mengubah Bahasa.

Peralatan Yang dibutuhin
1. HP SE X8 tentungya
2. komputer
3. flash tool <(39.350 KB)>
Download http://download663.mediafire.com/th07tjx6400g/jaei9do0xyfxx63/X10+Flash+tools.rar
Atau  http://www.mediafire.com/?jaei9do0xyfxx63
4. msm 7227.7z <(3.836 KB)>
download http://fileshare404.depositfiles.com/auth-1323245661e6f94906bfc46a66fbbe3c-
5. ICS X8 rar <(133.045 KB)>
Download http://download1013.mediafire.com/cnkr223ch4wg/9k70euwwc1ktc6z/ICS+X8.rar

klo udah siapin semuanya...
tinggal langkah langkahnya deh...
ingatt... HArus diroot DAHULU  n Xrecovery harus sudah terpansang sebelumnya..

Persyaratan lain untuk memasang:
Bekerja dengan kernel: kernel na / alfs kernel / kernel linuxdx na Rekomendasi Kernel
- Memiliki telepon dengan beban lebih dari 30%
Naa-Dalam Kernel 2.26.9 semuanya bekerja tanpa kesalahan apapun di sini dan baseband xx015
Setelah bootloader-unlocked

Stepp :
1. siapin bahan  tentunya gan.. mulai dari no 1 – 5.
2. ICS x8.rar di Exstrak dan extraknya di taruh di SDcard ( sdcard 30%50 % kosong, !00% jg bolehh buat naruh extrakan ICSx8 yang bernama ClockworkMod <200-300 MB> )
2. di unlockbootloader pake msm 7227.7z
  (Unlock Bootloader singkat) Saat Proseess sebaiknya shakira jgn diapa2in. mungkin akan restart sendiri. Dan setelah hidup akan muncul lambing kernelnya.  (Unlock Bootloader singkat)

a .- Idupin Debuggingnya (Pengaturan -> Aplikasi -> Pengembangan -> USB debugging)
b.- Hubungkan telepon Anda ke komputer Anda
c.- Jalankan msm7227_semc.exe file:

    Jika ponsel anda tidak terkunci, membuka msm7227_semc.exe file <(menjalankannya sebagai administrator jika menggunakan Windows Vista atau 7 (klik kanan run administrator))> dan seperti yang dinyatakan msm7227.exe , lalu tekan sembarang tombol pada computer (arah atas sebaiknya) untuk melanjutkan dan membuka bootloader.
    Jika telepon Anda tidak terkunci tetapi file lain yang digunakan SETool2 msm7227_setool2.exe dan melakukan hal yang sama.

d. - Tunggu beberapa menit (maksimal 5), sementara Anda dapat membandingkan apa yang terjadi pada layar hitam dengan apa yang ada dalam file log [example_output.txt] yang ada di folder yang sama. Seperti ini kira2 gan yang udah ane terjemahin.. kekeke.. XD

Kode PHP:
Membutuhkan proses android firmware 2.x standar.
Tekan sembarang tombol untuk melanjutkan. . . (arah atas di komputer)
Mendapatkan hak ROOT.
1743 KB / s (585 731 byte dalam 0.328s)
error: kesalahan protokol (no status)
Menunggu ...
Menghapus pembatasan NAND MPU melalui backdoor SEMC. Permanen. Membutuhkan hak ROOT.
192 KB / s (3087 byte dalam 0.015s)
Menunggu ...
Mendapatkan hak ROOT.
Menunggu ...
Menulis semcboot ditambal. Dua langkah proses
Pertama, Kita Perlu untuk mendapatkan mengakses area semcboot
504 KB / s (8064 byte dalam 0.015s)
Kedua, Kita Perlu untuk menulis semcboot;)
1130 KB / s (596 916 byte dalam 0.515s)
berhasil menulis 0003ff00
Tekan sembarang tombol untuk melanjutkan. . .

e.- Tunggu sampai mengatakan tekan sembarang tombol untuk melanjutkan (tekan sembarang tombol untuk melanjutkan) dan bootloader Anda siap dibuka (saat Prossess shakira jangan diapa2in)

3. flash shakira ente dengan flash tool
  (Flashing singkat)
a. Exstrak flash tool dan  jalan kan flash tool.exe yang terdapat di folder flash tool
b. Klik flash dan tunggu sebentar
c. pilih loader, lalu klik OK.
d. Tunggu sampai muncul kotak konfirmasi seperti “unplug dll lahh..”,
e. saat itu juga cabut kabel data dari PC kemudian SHAKIRA di TRUN off (dimatiin) dead..
f. dalam keadaan mati tahan tombol back pada shakira anda, sambil tahan sambungkan shakira ke PC melalui kabel USB. Ketika shakira anda memunculkan lampu hijau (seperti saat batere penuh) klik OK(tekan tombol tengah pada shakira)! secara otomatis proses flashing akan berjalan, Tunggu sampai muncul pemberitahuan untuk memutus USB, kalo sudah begitu proses flashing berhasil..
4. Setelah berhasil melakukan flashing.. step selanjutnya unplug shakira dari PC kemudian matiin ( trun off) bukan di_reboot.
5. Step selanjutnya tunggu kira-kira 1mnt. Kemudian shakira di_Trun On-kan (Di idupin lagi).. Nhaa terus akan keluar gambar kernel. Saat keluar kernel tekan  tombol  KEMBALI(back) berulang kali ( 8-16 kali) Dan kemudian SELECT dan pilih Restore Backup >Restore > plih 2011-12- dan pilih Yes and restore

instalasi memakan waktu sekitar 3 menit, tergantung pada sd saat ini.
Tunggu sekitar 4 sampai 7 menit. Total kira2 10-20 menit tergantng pada sd saat ini.
Setelah semuanya beres dan dimulai dengan benar mematikan dan menyalakan ponsel untuk menyimpan semua pengaturan .Jika shakira  Anda tidak berubah dalam hal apapun hapus dan ganti baterai dan hidupkan.
Jika hostpot wifi  tidak bekerja dan atau mengganti konfigurasi yang Anda inginkan / hilangankan sistem built.prop ditemukan di download di sini: ICS built.prop funiono 4.0.2 atau download disini jika built.prop ini error.  download di sini: ICS built.prop 4.0. 0 setelah reboot akan diganti atau Anda dapat membuat hapus penuh

Rom ini tidak memiliki versi sebelumnya 1,0 XPERIA E15a Kompilasi XTIPS
Untuk fungsi 3G akan memerlukan APN dari operator Anda di sini saya meninggalkan 3 (Kolombia)
Untuk membuat bete APN ke Settings - Wireless - Mobile Networks - APN - Tombol Pilihan Buat Nueno Izquiedo atau APN dan siap

Catatan: Jika Anda memiliki kesalahan atau mulai atau lulus rom Sony Ericsson mencoba untuk melakukan penuh seka dalam Pemulihan tetapi akan kehilangan konfigurasi asli Sandwich Es Krim dalam kasus berikut
Mendukung 3G-3.7g di E15a E15i_3.5
Keyboard asli Xperia ™ ICS
Aplikasi berikut akan hilang
Neo Pembaca
Asli latar belakang animasi ICS
Pengguna Kamus

Semua versi mempertahankan partisi data, jadi jangan khawatir tentang kehilangan aplikasi atau pengaturan aplikasi.

Fitur ICSXperia ™ 4.1.0 update (Desember - 06 - 2011). Kecil perbaikan hanya
Keyboard asli Xperia ™ ICS dan  Mereka menginstal aplikasi berikut yang diperbarui
    App Cache Cleaner
    Appy Geek
    Perahu Browser
    PRO GoChat
    Neo Pembaca
    PDA Bersih
    Akar Explorer
    WiFi Analyzer
    Aplikasi lain termasuk dalam sistem

Thursday, December 8, 2011

flash player free download for hp android device and its work

Hey guys, im here to share with u a flash player that works on browser without FC.
Currently, im using racht floyo v0.30 and it work fine on it... just a little bit laggy. just extract and install the apk as normal.

To everyone, as you know the fact that flash player doesnt support arm v6... this is a mod version tat was taken from the chinese version maipad... to those who have this work on ur device, gratz! For now, froyobread doesnt support this flash player... other than tat, it maybe could work but not tat stable... if u wanna know if the rom supports it, just try extract the file n install it as per normal, run browser and test it.... as u know im just sharing from what i have found.... im really apologised if some of u cnt work them on ur phone..

Attached Files
File Type: rar flash_player 10.1 for Maipad F10B.rar - [Click for QR Code] (3.90 MB, 33726 views)

how to Free OpenVPN Connection on android device especially xperia

What do you need?

1. Have SuperUser Access (ROOT).

2. Install Busybox from within the Android Market (Version 1.17).[Mandatory]

[*] Added Tun.ko Working for Android 2.3.3 Update.. Thanks to gergnz


3. Download and unzip this file in the root of your SDCARD
3.2Mirror Mediafire

4. Install OpenVPN Settings from within the Android Market.

5. Install Android Terminal Emulator from within the Android Market.


1. Open Android Terminal Emulator and issue the following Commands:

mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock2 /system

busybox insmod /sdcard/openvpn/tun.ko
busybox cp /sdcard/openvpn/openvpn /system/xbin/openvpn
busybox cp /sdcard/openvpn/openvpn /system/xbin/tun.ko
chmod 700 /system/xbin/openvpn
mkdir /system/xbin/bb
busybox ln -s /system/bin/busybox /system/xbin/bb/ifconfig
busybox ln -s /system/bin/busybox /system/xbin/bb/route

busybox mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock2 /system
busybox cp /sdcard/openvpn/chargemon /system/bin/chargemon
busybox cp /sdcard/openvpn/busybox /system/bin/busybox
* Note the last two lines are useful only if you have Xrecovery Installed because it needs this busybox version to work, you can skip it if you don't use Xrecovery....

2. Open VPN Settings and press Menu-->Advanced

3. Check the "Load tun Kernel module" checkbox

4. In TUN module settings select: insmod ; and the path to run module should be: /sdcard/openvpn/tun.ko

5. Path Configurations should be: /sdcard/openvpn

6. Path to openvpn binary should be: /system/xbin/openvpn

7. Back

8. Click on OpenVPN

9. Select freeopenvpn.ovpn

10. This should automatically assign you an IPAddress and you'll be set to use freevpn services.


Thanks to alx5962 for compiling the TUN.KO module!!!

1. Whenever you connect to freeopenvpn.ovpn the web browser will redirect you to http://www.freeopenvpn.com in order to activate the service, you just need to click on the linck and you'll be set.

2. If you don't click on that you won't be able to transfer any data either over WIFI or 3G

3. It's not always but if you can't load the http://www.freeopenvpn.com webpage after clickin on it,please wait while the phone is trying to comunicate with the server, it can take up to 5 Minutes :S but it will eventually load

4. After the webpage loads you'll be redirected to their site but you can start browsing using the assigned IP Address.

5. EVERY time you close the VPN connection and you login again the phone/server will request the process stated above.

6. If you find this useful you can always use the Thanks button and buy me a beer.... HERE





tujuan Tutor ini adalah untuk Memperbaiki Beberapa masalah HD game

tutorial untuk stock kernel: Chainfire3D

1.Download chainfire3d dari market
2.Download plug-in
3.Extract dan copy libGLEMU_POWERVR.zip di SDCARD
4.Open Chainfire 3d dan menginstal ChainFire 3D dan reboot
5.Open chainfire 3d
6.Install Plugin
7.pilih libGLEMU_POWERVR.zip
8.Back, Pilih default opengl settings, choose use plugins, Choose PowerVR
9.Choose Reduce texture quality,Choose Reduce texture size for HD game
10.Choose fix market setting
11.Reboot, enjoy

download chainfire 3D: http://www.mediafire.com/?g2auzrt16hr9l89
download plug-in: http://www.mediafire.com/?d9izd5xt8x3q4p6

Custom Kernels:Swap
1.Download Swapper2 dari market
2.Run swapper dan choose settings
3..Swap size 128mb and swappines 10
4.Choose ON
5.Reboot, enjoy

Untuk memeriksa swap benar-benar bekerja ketik "free" pada terminal emulator

tutorial install papago pada hp android secara lengkap dan gratis

Buat yang mau pake PAPAGO buat aplikasi GPS nya nih silahkan di ikuti Petunjuknya.
Bahan-bahan :
-       Hape SE X8

-       Papago pack (download nih)

SEA_Android_X5.part01.rar - 80.0 MB ( http://www.enterupload.com/nk8s5lashy51/SEA_Android_X5.part01.rar.html )
SEA_Android_X5.part02.rar - 80.0 MB ( http://www.enterupload.com/ozti1w4hqm9n/SEA_Android_X5.part02.rar.html )
SEA_Android_X5.part03.rar - 66.3 MB ( http://www.enterupload.com/bzdth4zp6gt5/SEA_Android_X5.part03.rar.html )

-       Map Indonesia
www.navigasi.net  (menu>peta>download>klik mendownload>download Papago for android)

-       Gorengan dan teh hangat (buat cemilan ajah..hahahaha)

  1. Download semua file
  2.  Unzip file, anda akan mendapatkan a) Folder NaviSEA dan b)PAPAGO_X5SEA_0806_WWEMarket.apk
  3. Download libpapago ( khusus ini dah include di dalam folder)
  4. Unzip libpapago dan copy libpapago.so ke Folder NaviSEA. (udah include)
  5. Instal navnet_Papago_vxxx_xxx.exe
  6. Go to C:\myMaps\ navigasi\Papago\AND  copy semua file
  7. Buka Folder NaviSEA\Maps (disana anda akan menemukan file “MFM-PPG-110103C )  buat folder baru dengan nama INDONESIA, paste semua file yang dicopy tadi di folder Indonesia untuk folder Malaysia “MFM-PPG-110103C” HAPUS  sajah(klik, delete), menuh-menuhin ajah tuh. (Hidup Indonesia..hahaha..)
  8. colokin X8 mu\USB connect\turn on USB storage  Copy Folder NaviSEA ke SD card
  9. Lepaskan X8 mu
  10. Install PAPAGO_X5SEA_0806_WWEMarket.apk (instal di androidmu)
  11. Papago siap untuk dinikmati

Sunday, December 4, 2011

download Tema untuk CM7 (HDPI, MDPI and Others) for free

Format: [+] [H][M][L] [F] Link/Name of theme (developer) - description
+ indicates a new theme
H indicates HDPI support
M indicates MDPI support
L indicates LDPI support
F indicates theme is Free
D indicates theme is free, and there is a Donate version available (linked)


[ ] [H][M][?] [D] Blue Bionic (Upward Spiral) - Blue colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Red Remix (Upward Spiral) - Red colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Minimal Magic (Upward Spiral) - Black and white minimalist
[ ] [H][M][?] [D] Orange Octane (Upward Spiral) - Orange colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [D] Galaxy Green (Upward Spiral) - Green colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [D] Purple Punch (Upward Spiral) - Purple colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [D] Punk Pink (Upward Spiral) - Pink colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Basic Purple (Upward Spiral) - Purple colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Basic White (Upward Spiral) - White colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Basic Orange (Upward Spiral) - Orange colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Basic Pink (Upward Spiral) - Pink colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Basic Blue (Upward Spiral) - Blue colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Basic Red (Upward Spiral) - Red colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Basic Green (Upward Spiral) - Green colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [D] JAMT White Gradient (ClassicalGas) - Minimalist white
[ ] [H][M][ ] [D] JAMT Flat Black (ClassicalGas) - Minimalist black
[ ] [H][M][?] [D] Blue Theme (Ricardo Cerqueira) - Blue colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [D] Pink Theme (Ricardo Cerqueira) - Pink colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Red Theme (Ricardo Cerqueira) - Red colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [D] Yellow Theme (Ricardo Cerqueira) - Yellow colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [D] Mau5 (Ricardo Cerqueira) - Cyan colored/mouse theme
[ ] [H][M][?] [ ] Greybread (Kmobs) - Grey colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] GreybreadX (rori) - Grey colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] CyanbreadX (rori)- Cyan (light blue) colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [D] Red Bread (Tony Layher) - Red colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [D] Captivated (R. M. Geren) - Galaxy S theme
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] StormTrooper (kgill7) - Star Wars/stormtrooper themed
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] MaryJane (kgill7) - Cannabis themed
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Naked Simplicity Black (kgill7) - Black/white/blue colored, unique icons
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Naked Simplicity Transparent (kgill7) - White colored, unique icons
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Cloudy (kgill7) - Mostly black/white, clouds, crayon-type icons
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Minimal Arrows (kgill7) - Modified MIUI theme with new icons
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Mariolicious (kgill7) - Mario Bros themed
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Blue Unity Transparent (kgill7) - Blue, transparent status bar
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Blue Unity Black (kgill7) - Blue, black status bar
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Evoluer (kgill7) - Black/white colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Evoluer Black (kgill7) - Black/white colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Bars (kgill7) - Black/white colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Nex (kgill7) - Black/white colored, mostly status bar icons
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Deuces (kgill7) - Black/white colored, mostly status bar icons
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Illest (kgill7) - Gray/white colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Illest Black (kgill7) - Gray/white colored
[ ] [H][M][L] [ ] PinkHoney (Eugene373) - Pink colored
[ ] [H][M][L] [ ] GreenHoney (Eugene373) - Green colored
[ ] [H][M][L] [ ] CyanHoney (Eugene373) - Cyan colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Sculpted (shift) - Neon green colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Cyan Skulls and Dragons (CondemnedSoul) - Cyan colored skulls and dragons
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Blackened (CondemnedSoul) - Black and red colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Speedometer Battery Gauge (CondemnedSoul) - Changes battery gauge to speedometer style
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Samsung, Moto, and Sony Stock Themes (kevin2516) - Stock themes
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] BuuF (kevin2516) - Light brown colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Elegent Steel (kevin2516) - Grey colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] iNexusmatte (kevin2516) - iPhone/Apple themed
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] SteelBlue (edint3000) - Blue colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Optimus2X (ZduneX25) - Stock looking LG Optimus 2X
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] RetroDroid (nhnt11) - Froyo theme
[ ] [H][M][L] [F] NTSense (nhnt11) - Sense theme
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] EyeCandy-Animated (zexcrazy) - Colorful theme, blue keyboard
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Red Passion (zexcrazy) - Red colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Rover Mix (rover.prince) - Black/white colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Rover Blue (rover.prince) - Blue/black colored
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Rover Cyan (rover.prince) - Cyan/black colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] HTC.Elegence (elelinux) - Sense theme
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] Blue Buzzer (voodoo55) - Cyan colored
[ ] [H][M][L] [F] Androidian (cm7) - Green colored, included in CM7
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Honeycomb 3D (moneymike55) - Blue colored, Honeycomb style
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Sithdroid (XJRodzx) - Star Wars themed/red colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] ArcSwift (ZduneX25) - Black/white/gray colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Meizu (ZduneX25) - Black/white colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] MIUI (ZduneX25) - MIUI theme
[ ] [H][M][?] [F] WizMod (nhnt11) - TouchWiz 4.0 theme
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] EasyDay (Selimov) - Blue colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] VA Dark (Selimov) - Orange colored
[ ] [H][M][L] [F] Indistinct (arzbhatia) - Black/white colored, unique icons
[ ] [H][M][L] [F] Amythest (arzbhatia) - Dark purple/gray colored
[ ] [H][M][L] [F] Azure (arzbhatia) - Blue/gray colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] GingerbreadEX (jasonevil) - MIUI theme
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Moto (jasonevil) - Droid 3 theme
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Rockin Rainbow (MrDSL) - Rainbow colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] Orion (jasonevil) - MIUI theme
[ ] [H][M][ ] [F] ATheme (Ryko91) - Cyan colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Blue NRG (raidzero) - Blue colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Green NRG (raidzero) - Green colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Purple NRG (raidzero) - Purple colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Yellow NRG (raidzero) - Yellow colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Red NRG (raidzero) - Red colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Orange NRG (raidzero) - Orange colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Cyan NRG (raidzero) - Cyan colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Pink NRG (raidzero) - Pink colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Smoked NRG (raidzero) - Black/white colored
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Ice Cream Sandwich 3D - Blue (Team Syndicate) - ICS theme
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Ice Cream Sandwich - Blue (Team Syndicate) - ICS theme
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Ice Cream Sandwich 3D - Mint (Team Syndicate) - ICS theme
[ ] [H][M][ ] [ ] Ice Cream Sandwich - Mint (Team Syndicate) - ICS theme
[+] [H][M][ ] [ ] Ice Cream Sandwich 3D - Red (Team Syndicate) - ICS theme
[+] [H][M][ ] [ ] Ice Cream Sandwich - Red (Team Syndicate) - ICS theme
[ ] [H][M][ ] [D] Lunar UI (R3D X) - Colorful theme
[+] [H][M][ ] [F] Lunar UI Black (R3D X) - Colorful theme
[+] [H][M][ ] [ ] Celestial Light ICS (Donhu Rickerby) - Blue colored
[+] [H][M][ ] [ ] Celestial Dark ICS (Donhu Rickerby) - Blue colored
[+] [H][M][ ] [ ] Celestial Pink ICS (Donhu Rickerby) - Pink colored
[+] [H][M][ ] [ ] Green MIUI (Donhu Rickerby) - Green colored
[+] [H][M][ ] [ ] Green MIUI Black (Donhu Rickerby) - Green colored
[+] [H][M][ ] [ ] Blue MIUI (Donhu Rickerby) - Blue colored
[+] [H][M][ ] [ ] Blue MIUI Black (Donhu Rickerby) - Blue colored
[+] [H][M][ ] [F] Ice 9 (jasonevil) - Blue colored
[+] [H][M][ ] [F] GingerIce 9 (jasonevil) - Green colored
[+] [H][M][ ] [F] Label (tarunagg) - Colorful theme
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] Honeybread (boykioy) - Honeycomb theme
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] Alpha7 (jasonevil) - Sense theme
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] RetroPlus (jasonevil) - Retro 80's style theme
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] Honeycomb (ZduneX25) - Honeycomb theme
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] Honeycomb (DJGHOSTS3V3N) - Modified version of ZduneX25's above
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] Miscellany (Cortiis) - Colorful
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] Black Funk (Kfunk) - Black/white colored
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] Dark Horse (Kfunk) - Black/blue colored
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] Cotton Candyroid (RavenElizabeth) - Purple colored
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] Sense Espresso (ASADULLAHIBNROB) - Sense theme
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] Sense (AChep) - Sense theme
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] White S (AChep) - White colored
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] A-Theme Full (AChep) - Dark colored
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] A-Theme Lite (AChep) - Dark colored
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] Ice Cream Sandwich (AChep) - ICS theme
[ ] [ ][M][ ] [F] Sesify (AChep) - Blue colored
[+] [ ][M][ ] [F] ICS MDPI (Sonny Sekhon) - ICS theme
[ ] [?][?][?] [F] Fugly Fix (voodoo55) - Changes pulldown shade to dark/transparent
[ ] [?][?][?] [F] Liquid Blueberry (Raziel23x) - Blue colored
[ ] [?][?][?] [F] Cortiis Theme (Cortiis) - Colorful icons, cyan highlights
[ ] [?][?][?] [F] Carbonite (trock79) - Blue and dark gray colored
[ ] [?][?][?] [F] BlackNYellow (thaDroidz) - Black and yellow colored
[ ] [?][?][?] [D] Forbidden (Team MagnaM0d) - Red/gold colored
[ ] [?][?][?] [D] BluFrost (Mattman) - Blue colored
[ ] [?][?][?] [F] B-AOSP-E (ShotMe) - Blue/gray colored
[+] [?][?][?] [F] Black Ice (Amac25) - Black/blue colored

fadillah dan manfaat Sunnahnya Puasa Asyura di bulan Muharam

Puasa selain merupakan ibadah yang mulia di sisi Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala juga mengandung sekian banyak manfaat yang lain. Dengan berpuasa seseorang dapat mengendalikan syahwat dan hawa nafsunya. Dan puasa juga menjadi perisai dari api neraka. Puasa juga dapat menghapus dosa-dosa dan memberi syafaat di hari kiamat. Dan puasa juga dapat membangkitkan rasa solidaritas kemanusiaan, serta manfaat lainnya yang sudah dimaklumi terkandung pada ibadah yang mulia ini.

Pada bulan Muharram ada satu hari yang dikenal dengan sebutan hari ‘Asyura. Orang-orang jahiliyah pada masa pra Islam dan bangsa Yahudi sangat memuliakan hari ini. Hal tersebut karena pada hari ini Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala selamatkan Nabi Musa ‘alaihissalam dari kejaran Fir’aun dan bala tentaranya. Bersyukur atas karunia Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala kepadanya, Nabi Musa ‘alaihissalam akhirnya berpuasa pada hari ini. Tatkala sampai berita ini kepada Nabi kita Shallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam, melalui orang-orang Yahudi yang tinggal di Madinah beliau bersabda,
فَأَنَا أَحَقُّ بِمُوْسَى مِنْكُمْ
“Saya lebih berhak mengikuti Musa dari kalian (kaum Yahudi)”.
Yang demikian karena pada saat Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam sampai di Madinah, beliau mendapati Yahudi Madinah berpuasa pada hari ini, maka beliau sampaikan sabdanya sebagaimana di atas. Semenjak itu beliau Saw memerintahkan ummatnya untuk berpuasa, sehingga jadilah puasa ‘Asyura diantara ibadah yang disukai di dalam Islam. Dan ketika itu puasa Ramadhan belum diwajibkan.
Adalah Abdullah bin Abbas radiyallahu ‘anhu yang menceritakan kisah ini kepada kita sebagaimana yang terdapat di dalam Shahih Bukhari No 1900,
قَدِمَ النَّبِيُّ صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ المَدِيْنَةَ فَرَأَى اليَهُوْدَ تَصُوْمُ يَوْمَ عَاشُوْرَاء فَقَالَ:ماَ هَذَا؟ قَالُوْا هَذَا يَوْمٌ صَالِحٌ هَذَا يَوْمٌ نَجَّى اللهُ بَنِيْ إِسْرَائِيْلَ مِنْ عَدُوِّهِمْ فَصَامَهُ مُوْسَى. قَالَ: فَأَناَ أَحَقُّ بِمُوْسَى مِنْكُمْ. فَصَامَهُ وَأَمَرَ بِصِيَامِهِ
“Tatkala Nabi Saw datang ke Madinah beliau melihat orang-orang Yahudi melakukan puasa di hari ‘Asyura. Beliau Shallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam bertanya, “Hari apa ini?”. Orang-orang Yahudi menjawab, “Ini adalah hari baik, pada hari ini Allah selamatkan Bani Israil dari musuhnya, maka Musa ‘alaihissalam berpuasa pada hari ini. Nabi Saw bersabda, “Saya lebih berhak mengikuti Musa dari kalian (kaum Yahudi). Maka beliau berpuasa pada hari itu dan memerintahkan ummatnya untuk melakukannya”. HR Al Bukhari
Dan dari Aisyah radiyallahu ‘anha, ia mengisahkan,
كَانَ رَسُوْلُ اللهِ صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ أَمَرَ بِصِيَامِ يَوْمَ عَاشُوْرَاءَ فَلَمَّا فُرِضَ رَمَضَانَ كَانَ مَنْ شَاءَ صَامَ وَمَنْ شَاءَ أَفْطَرَ
“Dahulu Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam memerintahkan untuk puasa di hari ‘Asyura. Dan ketika puasa Ramadhan diwajibkan, barangsiapa yang ingin (berpuasa di hari ‘Asyura) ia boleh berpuasa dan barangsiapa yang ingin (tidak berpuasa) ia boleh berbuka”. HR Al Bukhari No 1897
Keutamaan puasa ‘Asyura di dalam Islam.
Di masa hidupnya Nabi Shallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam berpuasa di hari ‘Asyura. Kebiasaan ini bahkan sudah dilakukan beliau Shallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam sejak sebelum diwajibkannya puasa Ramadhan dan terus berlangsung sampai akhir hayatnyaShallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam . Al Imam Al Bukhari (No 1902) dan Al Imam Muslim (No 1132) meriwayatkan di dalam shahih mereka dari Abdullah bin Abbas radiyallahu ‘anhuma, ia berkata,
مَا رَأَيْتُ النَّبِيَّ صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ يَتَحَرَّى صِيَامَ يَومَ فَضْلِهِ عَلَى غَيْرِهِ إِلاَّ هَذَا اليَوْمِ يَوْمُ عَاشُوْرَاءَ وَهذَا الشَّهْرُ يَعْنِي شَهْرُ رَمَضَانَ
“Aku tidak pernah mendapati Rasulullah menjaga puasa suatu hari karena keutamaannya dibandingkan hari-hari yang lain kecuali hari ini yaitu hari ‘Asyura dan bulan ini yaitu bulan Ramadhan”.
Hal ini menandakan akan keutamaan besar yang terkandung pada puasa di hari ini. Oleh karena itu ketika beliau Shallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam ditanya pada satu kesempatan tentang puasa yang paling afdhal setelah Ramadhan, beliau menjawab bulan Allah Muharram. Dan Al Imam Muslim serta yang lainnya meriwayatkan dari Abu Hurairah radiyallahu ‘anhu bahwa Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam bersabda,
أَفْضَلُ الصِّيَامِ بَعْدَ رَمَضَانَ، شَهْرُ اللهِ المُحَرَّمُ. وَأَفْضَلُ الصَّلاَةِ بَعْدَ الفَرِيْضَةَ، صَلاَةُ اللَّيْلِ
“Puasa yang paling utama setelah Ramadhan adalah (puasa) di bulan Allah Muharram. Dan shalat yang paling utama setelah shalat wajib adalah shalat malam”.
Dan puasa ‘Asyura menggugurkan dosa-dosa setahun yang lalu. Al Imam Abu Daud meriwayatkan di dalam Sunan-nya dari Abu Qatadah Ra,
وَصَوْمُ يَوْمَ عَاشُوْرَاءَ إنِّي أَحْتَسِبُ عَلَى اللّهِ أَنْ يُكَفِّرَ السَنَة َالتِيْ قَبْلَهُ
“Dan puasa di hari ‘Asyura, sungguh saya mengharap kepada Allah bisa menggugurkan dosa setahun yang lalu”.
Hukum Puasa ‘Asyura
Sebagian ulama salaf menganggap puasa ‘Asyura hukumnya wajib akan tetapi hadits ‘Aisyah di atas menegaskan bahwa kewajibannya telah dihapus dan menjadi ibadah yang mustahab (sunnah). Dan Al Imam Ibnu Abdilbarr menukil ijma’ ulama bahwa hukumnya adalah mustahab.
Waktu Pelaksanaan Puasa ‘Asyura
Jumhur ulama dari kalangan salaf dan khalaf berpendapat bahwa hari ‘Asyura adalah hari ke-10 di bulan Muharram. Di antara mereka adalah Said bin Musayyib, Al Hasan Al Bashri, Malik, Ahmad, Ishaq dan yang lainnya. Dan dikalangan ulama kontemporer seperti Asy-Syaikh Muhammad bin Shalih Al Utsaimin Rahimahullah. Pada hari inilah Rasullah Saw semasa hidupnya melaksanakan puasa ‘Asyura. Dan kurang lebih setahun sebelum wafatnya, beliau Shallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam bersabda,
لَئِنْ بَقِيْتُ إِلَى قَابِلٍ َلأَصُوْمَنَّ التَاسِعَ
“Jikalau masih ada umurku tahun depan, aku akan berpuasa tanggal sembilan (Muharram)”
Para ulama berpendapat perkataan Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam , “…aku akan berpuasa tanggal sembilan (Muharram)”, mengandung kemungkinan beliau ingin memindahkan puasa tanggal 10 ke tanggal 9 Muharram dan beliau ingin menggabungkan keduanya dalam pelaksanaan puasa ‘Asyura. Tapi ketika Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam ternyata wafat sebelum itu maka yang paling selamat adalah puasa pada kedua hari tersebut sekaligus, tanggal 9 dan 10 Muharram..
Dan Al Imam Asy-Syaukani dan Al Hafidz Ibnu Hajar mengatakan puasa ‘Asyura ada tiga tingkatan. Yang pertama puasa di hari ke 10 saja, tingkatan kedua puasa di hari ke 9 dan ke 10 dan tingkatan ketiga puasa di hari 9,10 dan 11. Wallahua’lam.
(Dikutip dari tulisan al Ustadz Ja’far Shalih. Judul asli SUNNAH PUASA ‘ASYURA. URL Sumber http://www.ahlussunnah-jakarta.org/detail.php?no=176)

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berinternetan ria dengan opera mini v6 khusus telpunsen [FREE]

siapa tau awet gan jamunya ane bikin dah di document biar gak tenggelam...
ini cuma buat yang belom tau aja...yang uda gak boleh ngejek yang lom tau..wkwkwkkw

buat jalur akses
  1. apn :3gprs
  2. proxy :
  3. port :80
yg laen biarkan..

-daftar dlu di paket opera mini *101#
-usahakan pulsa di bawah 1000..
-jangan tanya knapa itu pake APN 3gprs..
-jika sudah,silahkan berselancar di opera mini.

free download rom ICS / ICE CREAM SANDWICH with link multi upload and compatible also complete

ICSandwich on Android Market!

Nightly builds!


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cara mengembalikan android yang telah di root dan di pasang custom room spesial untuk sony ericsson dengan menggunakan seus

Cara Update via SEUS
Spoiler for spoiler:
Originally Posted by vinzajah View Post
1. download software SEUS dari situs SE sebesar 36 Mb
http://www.mediafire.com/?ndutmzedhzm 2. Install di komputer.
3. konek inet komputer dan jalankan programnya.
4. Pilih Hape agan ( X8 ) Next / Berikutnya
5. Tunggu minimal 30 detik
6. sekarang liat di program disuruh nancepin ke-X8.
7. tekan terus tombol BACK sambil ditancepin.
8. liat petunjuk programnya, begitu suruh lepas, baru lepasin.
9. program akan mendownload software sebesar 130 MB an
10. tinggalin aja sampai kelar .
11. X8 baru dicabut, setelah diprogram ada perintah nyabut.

free download rom gingger dx v.20 special link mediafire

. . .ini rom modifx http://www.mediafire.com/?btmb91kcbl00lhm
1. tweak bulid.prop
2. new sistem ui
3. looks like ics framework
4. launcher pro plus include
5. walkman include (support shake for next song) hahaha
selebihnya agan coba sendiri ya :D

syarat :
1. rooted
2. have cwm
3. upgrade ke alfs kernel (optional)
4. kopi satu gelas (just kidding)

cara install:
1. download file update dan copy ke dalam sd card
2. reboot ke cwm
3. back up recent rom
4. full wipe/ wipe
5. update zip from sdcard. . .
6. ngopi dulu ( hahaha)
7. stelah semua proses selesai reboot, langsung beraksi dengan rom mu. . .

untuk aplikasi yg mendukung bisa download di market seperti
1. set cpu http://www.mediafire.com/?mfnk35v5fso4f4x
2. advanced task killer
3. sd booster
4. titanium backup http://www.mediafire.com/?15f5q38h4ydwc5z
5. root explorer. . .

thanks atas perhatiannya semoga beruntung. . . klo ada kekurangan tolong pemberitahuanya ya. .

StornMix 1.1

link http://www.multiupload.com/BOHSF8F5WE


-add barvia & xloud (sama kayak master FF ane jg gak tau fungsix)
-fix drain battery
-internet gak putus"
-new style(framework,mms bg,and other)
-penigkatan 3d & 2d (lebih baik dari ver sebelumx)
-video record sangat bagussss (ini ane yg pling suka)
-ram script
-new style ring lockscreen
-delete DSP manager (atas permintaan user)
-new kata" bijak di script (iseng haa)
-and many more

-beberapa games tidak dapat dimainkan saat data enable mk harus disable dulu baru bisa..
-bootsound gak fungsi
-end call back butun (ngadat gk bisa fix)
_repost yaaa

ane gak tanggung jawab atas segala kerusakan
ane gk terima keluhan
tanggapi lah dengan sopan kalo ada bug karena dev x juga manusia
original Post By Agung Ikspi D'da Vinci

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Panduan memilih ROM yg sesuai selera

Versi english :
Guide To Roms Xperia X8
There are many good Roms for our Xperia x8 in xda, But it is hard to determine which one is right for you,, when i first started i faced a lot of problems deciding on which rom to use,, eventually i found out that it depends on the user on what he wants in his rom and chose the appropriate rom accordingly, SO i am going to include all the roms i have used and give detailed information , so you can choose according to your needs

1. Froyobread : This Rom is a great choice for beginners, its stable and fast. it's core cm6. Android 2.2, a great upgrade if you are still using the 2.1 stock eclair this is the best upgrade,, many hail this as the best stable ROM there is, its full of features, it delivers smooth performance, and i have found it to be very stable. so if your new just use this, you will be satisfied

Pros : Still considered the most stable Rom, Fast and Smooth Performance, Good app Performance, android 2.2 has greater app support, most features work without any problems, little or no bugs, one of the most famous rom so if you have any problem lot of people out there to help you

Cons: Android 2.2 has become old many people prefer Android 2.3 over it. Not as Smooth as gdx when it comes to scrooling, according to some people Wifi does not work(it worked for me though)

2.Hackdroid: A decent rom, flashy and stylish, sometimes laggy. but overall a very good room. great for starters, however many people stated this one to be a little unstable , but it really depends on what apps you run if you are looking for a good looking rom with visual features this one is a pretty good choice

Pros: Very Customizable, Decent Performance, Stable if you stick to normal apps, Has more features than most Roms

Cons: A little Laggy, Sometimes Unstable, Many people have Reported bugs in this rom. Other Roms Offer Superior Performance

3.KuyaDroid: This one is an awesome rom, solid and stable, fast performance smooth menu and everything is decent. Its a good rom if your into gaming as it has built in Overclock, Undervolt, and gesture.(note these features can be manually added on other roms too). One more noticable thing about this rom is that it's core is cm7, and android version 2.3( a big update from the stock 2.1)

Pros: Very fast app performance, Smooth Scrooling, Android 2.3, Wide Range of Users so you will easily find solutions if you face any problems, Overall Solid CM7 Rom.

Cons: Lacks Features that are available on Gingerdx, Some Reported Bugs, some apps force closes

4.GingerDX: This is A cm6 - cm7 update of the Famous Froyobread, So far its fast and stable although a few bugs have been reported but its one of the most stable and working cm7 , android 2.3 roms around. its definitely worth a try if you want a fast and smooth working rom. also it has some pretty good features more than most roms out there to exact. Many people state this is the best Cm7 rom out there

Pros: Smoothest CM7 Rom i have used, Full of features, Customizable, Most apps work without any problem, Regularly Updater, Wide range of users so you will easily find solutions if you do face any problem, Upgraded Camera

Cons: People claim it to be not as Stable as Froyobread, Some minor bugs still needs to be fixed, Some features and still needs to be more polished and stable


5.BehradGH: this one is a light and simple rom, not a bad choice for newbies but it does not have as much customizable features as the other roms, its a good rom for starters,, so if your looking for a simple rom and an upgrade from your stock rom you should try this one

Pros: Light Rom, Good for Average Daily apps, Simple rom without complications. Simple Upgrade from the Stock Rom

Cons: Powerful Games Such As Nova, MC Sandstorm often Force closes, Some Reported Bugs, A little unstable while Performing Certain Operations

6.GingerCruzt: Just tested this Rom Recently , And boy was i surprised , good performance and good looks, which is something very hard to get in one rom. in some cases better than GDX, but not as stable when running apps, but for normal daily use this one beats most of the roms out there. also it has a very similar look to the stock android. so if your into stock looks, try this out. also its android 2.3 /Cm7.

Pros: New and fresh, Decent Performance and Features, Not bad for daily use, most apps work without problem, Android 2.3

Cons: The Creator of the Rom is not really Co operative since he is not really active on XDA, Minor bugs, Is not updated as regularly as other Roms, Lacks advanced Features that available on other Cm7 Roms

7.Krauser-SROM: Recently Tested this Rom, this uses a lot of Froyobreads Features, Its fast and stable , not a bad choice if you want try something other than those famous roms, i found it to be really decent rom. Not bad for daily normal usage

Pros: Simple Lightweight Rom, Most apps work, Stable and Smooth

Cons: Some FC on apps, Community of its users is not as big as Froyobread, Android 2.2, Doesn't have much features as some of the other roms

8.GingerXperia: Its new and its great! this rom is pretty good, and i actually find it to be even faster than gdx,Yes it lacks the features which gdx offers but if you can make do without those advanced features this is the rom for you, its also reported to be stable and smooth , its bugfree though but hopefully it will be fixed on future updates

Pros: Very fast, Simple Rom, Light weight, Good app performance, Stable Rom

Cons: Lacks many Features, some bugs, scrooling can be improved, New so the community is still small


9.Fd xperience: One of the better new roms, it has a stock look which is sure to attract many people, if you want to upgrade but do not want tolose your stock looks and yet have a stable upgraded rom this is the rom for you, its smooth and fast better than most roms out there, But it has some bugs and support issues, and i got some fc when playing games on it , other than that its very stable and fast

Pros:Fast,Stock look, Stock apps, good app performance, Smooth scroolimg

Cons: Not as stable when playing games like NFS SHIFT, SANDSTORM ETC, Lacks in features, Contacts menu Sometimes lags, its new and has a very little community using it