Wednesday, November 23, 2011

free download games for android apk file mediafire

  1. Cow Snatchers Full 3D
            review:Tested on me
            Requiment: 2.2-2.3
            Link Download:       
      2. Zenonia 4
           review:Tested on me
           requiement: 2.2-2.3
           Link Download
           NB:layar menu terpotong sedikit.
      3. Spectral souls
          review:not tested on me
          link download data(apk download di market):

         4. ExZeus Arcade v2.7
             Review:Tested on me
            link download:
            pass :ajie1987
         5.RedBull BC One For android
            Review: work(tested on me)
            requiment: 2.1~2.3
            link download:
          6 muffin knight Armv6
             review:work (tested on me)
             link download
              Review:tested on me(work)
              link download
              Password: ajie1987
              Update Diversion v.1.25
              link download
           8.Need for speed Hot persuit
              Review.layar menu ada yang kepotong,kalo ngeleg pake chainfire 3D
              tested on me(not work on gingerDX)(work for all froyo)
              link download Apk:
              link download Apk:
              credit:master ajie
            9 Duke nukem 3D
               Link download Apk:
               cara install:
          1. Instal apk, mainkan game.
          2. Save & exit game.
          3. Dengan root explorer copy proton_save.dat ke                 /data/data/com.machineworksnorthwest.duke3d/files di internal
          4. Selesai. Jalankan game.
               link download  proton_save.dat

           10.Shadowgun Armv6
                Review:not tested on me,harus menggunakan chainfire 3D,not work on esclair
                link download apk
                link download data
            11.driver san francisco
                 Review: Tested on me(work on Froyo)
                 Apk Link Download:
             12.PES 2012 craked(thanks for agan Bambang)
                   review Tested one me(work di froyo pro v001) pake chainfire 3D
                   link donwload Apk:
                   link download Data
                   MF link download data
             13.cartoon wars V1.0
                  Link download(sorry ane pake link market :) )
             14.Assassin Creed Revelations(new)
                   soory ga pake screenshot ane lagi sibuk -__-
                   review:tested on me
                   link download :
             15.FAST&FARIOUS 5 HD FIX FOR HVGA
                  APK HVGA
                  Link Download:
                  DATA HVGA
                  layar tidak pas -___-
             16 The Adventure Tintin HD
                   link download APK:
             17.equilibrium for android Armv6
                  review: tested on me(work on Froyowalkman with chainfire/boleh engga juga)
                  link download:
              18.medieval empires (RTS games)
                   Review:tested on me(work with FroyoWalkman)
                   link download
      19.Fifa 2012 FIXED FOR HVGA Credit Master Nops Thanks
                work tested by me with galaxy ace(chanifire wajib)
                link download Apk

                link download Data:
            20.where's my water craked
                 link download apk:

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