Friday, November 25, 2011

How to flash custom kernels:

How to flash custom kernels:

a. Download the (kernel name).ftf file provided by the kernel developer
b. Download and Install Flashtool v0.2.9.1 beta (don't use as profile for our phones need to be added. It's simpler to use beta) Here:
Download Link:

(Credits go to Androxyde and Bin4ry for this tool.)

After installing it, open the flashtool folder and open the drivers folder inside that. Double click on the ggsetup- file inside and install Gordon's Gate (needed for Flashtool to work).

Note: This Gordon's Gate Driver Installation will work for X8, X10 mini and X10 mini pro. I'm not sure about that of W8 but I think that is also supported.

Then restart your computer.


Generally you have to delete all the files in /system/lib/modules before flashing a custom kernel!

c. Put the (kernel name).ftf file in the /firmwares folder. (Don't flash any .sin files, flash only the .ftf file.)
d. Open Flashtool.
e. Click Flash.
f. Select (kernel name).ftf.
g. Turn off your phone.
h. Connect your phone in flash mode (only when the popup window prompts for you to do so). (To boot into flash mode, press and hold back button while connecting your phone to the PC using an usb cable).
i. Disconnect your phone (do so only when the popup window to prompts you to disconnect your phone).
j. Reboot and you have a custom kernel!
k. Confirm by going to Settings --> About Phone --> Kernel version. It should have the name of the kernel you flashed. >>> itu master Tatang Turono :D

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